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Breakfast time at Home Farm

Fred waits patiently……

April and back to our favourite beach


Yellowcraigs beach near North Berwick on the Firth of Forth is now our number one destination for paddling and blowing away the cobwebs.






yellow rape (2)


March 2017 Whitby again

linds fred whitby (2)

Lindsey and Fred pose in front of a famous landmark…..

linds fred on the bus whitby (4)

And Fred’s first time on a bus !

david fred whitby (4)


February Dirt Biking shoot with Eddie

dm dirt biking

Eddie and I went to a dirt biking event down the road near Wensley, and he grabbed this shot of me looking like I’m getting in the way of the action !

Fleeting first light

Just as I let Fred out first thing this morning a shaft of sunlight pierced the clouds and gilded the hillside opposite Home Farm with this superb lighting.

January 2017 snow


Some more snow in January




Christmas in Aysgarth

xmas day 2016 (7)

Our first Christmas in Wensleydale. With a rainbow in the morning.

xmas day 2016 (6)

xmas day 2016 (9)

xmas day 2016 (11)

xmas day 2016 (1)

xmas day 2016 (3)



November 2016 Capturing my best landscapes in the Lake District

Eddie showed me his favourite locations in The Lake district, such as Rydalwater (above and below). Ice on the water around the lake edge show that its pretty cold, despite the lovely sunshine. This was the perfect location to try out my new 8mm fisheye………verdict ; cheap, cheerful, but effective. Just like me !

Then we moved on to a cave just up the hill, and to Derwentwater.






First snow of 2016

Its November 9th and we had snow overnight. Lindsey was going to Chesterfield but thought better of it !












Shooting with Eddie in Malham

We went for an afternoon to Malham, and took pictures at Gordale Scar.


You can see much, many more pictures at Eddie’s own website;

William’s Graduation

Williams Graduation at Worcester Cathedral










N.Berwick via Tantalon Castle

Eventually heading to a site at North Berwick on the Firth of Forth, we stopped off at Tantalon Castle, a fabulous ruin perched on a cliff top overlooking the Firth and the Bass Rock, with its lighthouse and covered in sea birds.


Fidra Island just a few hundred yards off the beach, and its lighthouse.



On the beach at North Berwick. The Caravan Club site was such a welcome touch of ‘luxury’ after the very disappointing facilities we’d endured at Bamburgh. We’ll definitely be going back there.

linds-fred-n-berwickAnd of course Freddie has to have an emergency belly tickle at N.Berwick harbour

Heading north via Holy Island

It was a lovely day, and low tide was exactly at the right time, so we went across the causeway to Holy Island, explored and came back to the van for lunch……… exciting stuff !

Further up the coast to Bamburgh



We were heading towards Scotland for the very first time, but stopped off to visit a site just below Bamburgh Castle……. which displayed its different moods over two days.


And, of course, more running around on the beach !

We could also see the Farne Islands from the beach………. but neither of us fancied the rather choppy waters to go for a visit.


Hercules over Aysgarth

A 47 Squadron C-130 Hercules, displaying the squadrons’ centenary colour scheme, came lumbering past and just above us while we were out walking. Then disappeared off towards Hawes closely followed by a ‘plain’ number two in trail.


Dogs, dogs and more dogs !

Our daily saunter down to the falls was spiced up with the arrival of the Bernese Ramblers Club…….. all meeting in the car park near the falls. A dozen Bernese and a couple of other giant breeds, plus the biggest St.Bernard we’d ever seen, Hudson, weighing 14 stones…… and what a boisterous handful he was ! Though not so much that he didn’t want his belly rubbing. We also met a lady who runs a Bernese ‘home from home’…….. a really upmarket kennels for if we want to go away without Fred.


dogs-dogs-dogs-3     dogs-dogs-dogs-5      dogs-dogs-dogs-1



Fred remained aloof to everything, as usual…………


September and on the beach again

No prizes for guessing where !

rhb-sept-2016-17  rhb-sept-2016-15  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  rhb-sept-2016-18  rhb-sept-2016-19

rhb-sept-2016-21  rhb-sept-2016-1  rhb-sept-2016-2  rhb-sept-2016-4  rhb-sept-2016-5  rhb-sept-2016-3

And a Yorkshire Air ambulance helicopter landed on the sites’ dog walking field while we were watching. They’d dropped in on a training exercise apparently.


I also took some shots on Eddies’ new camera, a Sony……..





Aysgarth Fete Bank Holiday Monday

Every August Bank holiday Monday we have the Aysgarth Village Fete. And for our very first time on the big day we had absolutely perfect weather ! This following on from the very mixed conditions we had seen in previous months.

Aysgarth Fete 2016 (16)        Aysgarth Fete 2016 (2)    Aysgarth Fete 2016 (4)


Aysgarth Fete 2016 (5)    Aysgarth Fete 2016 (6)    Aysgarth Fete 2016 (9)


Aysgarth Fete 2016 (12)    Aysgarth Fete 2016 (17)    Aysgarth Fete 2016 (24)

The Hawes Silver Band played outside the Institute (the fete was to raise money for its continuing upkeep) as volunteers served cream teas inside.

We also manned various stalls including cakes and books, as well as outdoor games, and a bouncy castle for the kids, all arranged on the village green.

Burning Bartle at West Witton

Burning Bartle 2016 Fox & Hounds (2)_   Burning Bartle 2016 (9)  Burning Bartle 2016 (19)

The crowd have pre-outing drinks in the Fox and Hounds, procede via the main street to the Wensleydale Heifer, and then stop again with Bartle.

The ancient ritual of Burning Bartle just down the road in West Witton was an obvious place to be on a Saturday evening.

This annual event celebrates an ancient tradition. It starts at the western end of the village, and local people parade a dummy replicating this ancient figure down the main street, stopping at frequent intervals to chant an ancient doggerel and partake of a swift drink outside pre-arranged houses including the Wensleydale Heifer and theFox and Hounds.

When Bartle reaches ‘his end’ in Grassgill at the eastern outskirts of the village, he is set alight, accompanied by songs and cheers from the crowd of followers.

Burning Bartle 2016 (23)    Burning Bartle 2016 (4)    Burning Bartle 2016 (27)

Bernards blackberries

bernards blackberries (1)

The biggest and best and easiest to pick crop of Blackberries we have ever seen ! just through the garden gate, down the field to the allotment and there they were……..huge, juicy ripe and ready for picking. Blackberry and apple pies tomorrow !

August Rainfall

Heavy and consistent rain heading towards Bank Holiday Monday (of course) has produced a swollen River Ure and the Falls can be heard half a mile away from our house.


West Burton Cauldron Falls (45)

The same rain has created some marvellous photo opportunities around our numerous waterfalls.

Torrential water flows compared to my first shoots have combined with familiarity in working with this kind of subject to produce some very pleasing results. My first example (above) is at West Burton, with Cauldron Falls living up to their name with a deafening power of water we have never seen there in all the years we have visited this lovely place.

Aysgarth Lower Falls (69)

Being just half a mile away, Aysgarth Falls are an almost daily Freddie walk from our house. But this view of the Lower Falls almost covering its usually accessible rocky edges is especially rewarding.

Aysgarth Upper Falls (29)

Normally the best view of The Falls is upstream, facing the oncoming flow, but a glance downstream reveals this dramatic alternative view of crashing water.

Aysgarth Upper Falls (23)

The Upper Falls also provide a great spectacle.

August, and Ed shows me how………

Aysgarth Lower Falls.


This is how Eddie shoots his landscapes. With a tripod, a neutral density filter, a long exposure and a great eye for light and water.
To share his vision of the landscape I’ve had to take up his disciplines and patience, and also get my feet wet ! This shot is mine, but I wouldn’t have been there without him showing me the way, in the first place with his gorgeous mountain landscapes on Instagram (shot with his iphone), and then with his first serious camera and featuring his well trodden routes in The Lake District around Ambleside.

ed (3)     ed (4)     ed (2)

I borrow his tripod having sold my last, hardly used one, some months ago !

Evening stroll…..


Lindsey and Fred photographed by Eddie……. using my Olympus for the first time ! Ed has been doing some marvellous landscapes recently with a canon compact, though only with a middle range zoom. Now he can see things with a different perspective using a telephoto lens on the Olympus.

More great landscapes to follow…….


July 31st Burtersett Show

IMG_0320   IMG_0324   IMG_0325

IMG_0326Sunday July 31st saw a break in the good weather, just in time for the first local village show while we have been here.

Still, it was good to see how people celebrate their local heritage, customs and community spirit in Wensleydale.

July at the Falls

linds fred aysgarth falls (7)  linds fred aysgarth falls (5)  linds fred aysgarth falls (3)

Aysgarth Falls is only half a mile away from our house, so Lindsey and Fred take every opportunity to cool down near the water.

The stile to nowhere…..

Stile to nowhere (1)  Stile to nowhere (2)  Stile to nowhere (3)  Stile to nowhere (5)  Stile to nowhere (6)

The strangest thing…..we came across two stiles in the middle of a field. No walls to be crossed. Just the stiles inviting us to climb them just for the heck of it !

July 2016 In Aysgarth


This is the view across Wensleydale from our garden, which is totally enclosed so that Freddie can lie on the lawn just as long as he likes . Sometimes during this hot weather we have to drag him in late at night so that we can lock up and go to bed !

The house has four bedrooms (though one is still being refurbished by Bernard our super-helpful landlord).

We can walk for a mere 15 minutes to get to spectacular Aysgarth Falls, and the welcoming George & Dragon is only 100yards away……..its gonna be really hard living here !
Leyburn is 20 minutes one direction, and Hawes 15 minutes the other, with the rest of the Dales spread all around us.

IMG_0091   IMG_0083    IMG_0084    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   IMG_0109   IMG_0315

Yours truly has experienced a revival, nay an epiphany, of my interest in landscape photography. Though with views like these outside our garden its hardly hard work !
When Eddie gets here he can show me how to do it his way since he’s had much more recent experience than me in capturing atmosphere in landscapes.



July 13th Eddie’s Graduation


Ed Graduation (9)-2

Eddie’s University of Cumbria Graduation day, held in the cathedral in Carlisle.

Ed Graduation (3)   Ed Graduation (21)    Ed Graduation (25)    Ed Graduation (28)    Andy Graduation (7)   Ed Graduation (68)

Ed Graduation (45)   Ed Graduation (48)    Ed Graduation (51)    Ed Graduation (72)    Ed Graduation (75)   Ed Graduation (37)

Ed Graduation (36)


July 2016 Now we’re in Yorkshire !

Well, we finally made our big move from Derbyshire to Aysgarth in Wensleydale. Three Luton vans and four blokes got us here in a few hours and we were well on the way to being unpacked and in the local pub, The George & Dragon, by 9pm !

May 2016 Robin Hoods Bay







We had Hook House Farm campsite, on the outskirts of Robin Hoods Bay recommended to us. It overlooks the bay, and when the sea fret dispersed it was absolutely fabulous !

2The camp site was visible from down on the beach and the arrow points at where we were. The only challenge was hauling ourselves back up to the town, then up another hill to the campsite a couple of times a day ……. especially on a hot one !

We found fossils on the beach, including this one which looks like a grasshopper, then met a crowd of Danish fossil-hunters who were there for the week.

fossils RHB (13)  May 2016 RHB (7)  May 2016 RHB (11)  May 2016 RHB (21)


Fred chomped his way through piles of seaweed as usual. We met a guy from Lumsdale and a couple from Chesterfield at our site, and an old friend from Tansley on the beach near Whitby.

May 2016 RHB (22)  May 2016 RHB (25)  May 2016 RHB (28)  May 2016 RHB (33)  May 2016 RHB (39)  Robin Hoods bay (203)

Robin Hoods bay (205)  Robin Hoods bay (206)  Robin Hoods bay (213)  Robin Hoods bay (214)  Robin Hoods bay (216)  Robin Hoods bay (218)

Robin Hoods bay (228)  RHB ford  May 2016 RHB (17) sheep RHB (1)

The fields were full of lambs, and some odd ‘character’ sheep.


Robin Hoods bay (222)


All Gothed out in Whitby !

It took us by surprise when a Goth couple strode along the rows of caravans at Sandsend (though I later regretted missing an incongruous picture !)…….. then we realised that we’d stumbled across the Spring Goth weekend in Whitby !

Whitby Goths 2016 (7)      Whitby Goths 2016 (1)        Whitby Goths 2016 (8)

Whitby Goths 2016 (10)    Whitby Goths 2016 (11)    Whitby Goths 2016 (13)

Whitby Goths 2016 (16)    Whitby Goths 2016 (18)    Whitby Goths 2016 (20)

Whitby Goths 2016 (21)    Whitby Goths 2016 (23)    Whitby Goths 2016 (24)

Whitby Goths 2016 (25)    Whitby Goths 2016 (27)    Whitby Goths 2016 (28)

Whitby Goths 2016 (29)    Whitby Goths 2016 (33)    Whitby Goths 2016 (35)

Whitby Goths 2016 (37)    Whitby Goths 2016 (38)    Whitby Goths 2016 (39)

Whitby Goths 2016 (40)    Whitby Goths 2016 (42)    Whitby Goths 2016 (43)

Whitby Goths 2016 (44)         Whitby Goths 2016 (47)



April 2016 York then Sandsend

Sandsend April 2016 (32)

York Rowntree caravan site is in the city centre, a short walk along the river to all of the tourist sites, including our main reason for going to York, to see The Flying Scotsman in The National Railway Museum.

1  2  2-2  2-3  2-4  2-5

2-6  2-7  2-8  2-9  2-10  2-12

We quickly decided we’d had enough of the big city, and as luck would have it there was one pitch available at a site overlooking the beach at Sandsend.
we dove over the moors in superb sunshine, had lunch at the site then quickly hit the beach. Linds and fred had a good old play, posed by the beach huts, then we got into town via the harbour and caught up with the Goths (see next post !).

3  5  Sandsend April 2016 (19)  Sandsend April 2016 (21)  Sandsend April 2016 (23)  Sandsend April 2016 (30)

6  Sandsend April 2016 (13)  Whitby beach chalets (6)  Whitby beach chalets (7)  Sandsend April 2016 (34)  Sandsend April 2016 (36)

Sandsend April 2016 (41)  Sandsend April 2016 (46)  Sandsend April 2016 (47)  Sandsend April 2016 (51)  Sandsend April 2016 (59)  Sandsend April 2016 (8)

Whitby beach chalets (4)

April 2016, Hawes again. Then to Ambleside

Hawes looks to be our favourite destination so far ……….


Hawes (45)  sheep near Hawes(16)  linds fred hawes(7)    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 

We were treated to sun, rain, hail, sleet and cold…….. sometimes all in the same day ! A passing Tucano seemed to be taking a look at us !


We revisited an old haunt at Malham and walked to Gordale Scar, again in some rain, before a good lunch in the Lister Arms where Freddie had his picture taken for their Facebook page !

linds fred at Gordale Scar Malham Gordale Scar

At the weekend we drove to see Eddie in Ambleside, this time in superb sunshine all the way there and back……..

linds ed fred ambleside (1)    linds ed golf ambleside (3)    linds ed golf ambleside (1)

And played mini golf as snow lay on the mountain tops from the night before.

Ambleside snow mountain












March 2016, back to Hawes


First trip out in the motorhome this year, and with the brand new screen cover (lots warmer overnight) and awning (Freddie bedroom, that is)  ….. we walked, went to the pub in Hawes for Sunday lunch, played T.P., and had superb weather !

2 (1)  2 (3)  2 (4)  2 (5)  2 (6)  2 (7)

3  7  IMG_5119  IMG_5140  IMG_5147  IMG_5152

last medium

Festive Fred December 24th 2015


festive fred 2   xmas 2015 (1)   xmas 2015 (2)

Fred poses in front of our Christmas bush and lights around the door……. looking for Santa to arrive !

17th November Castleton


We thought we’d try Castleton……. nice and close and easy !


castleton (1)  castleton (2)  castleton (5)  castleton (6)  castleton (7)  castleton (8)

castleton (10)  castleton (12)

20th October….. Sutton on Sea again !

sutton oct 15 (10) sutton oct 15 (14) sutton oct 15 (27) sutton oct 15 (29) sutton oct 15 (30)  sutton oct 15 (5)

We collected the motorhome from Newark, stayed overnight, and in the morning just couldn’t resist checking out the beach at Sutton on sea again. The sun came out on the way there, and we stayed until dusk, had lunch and played trivial pursuit………this is the life !

sutton oct 15 (6)

14th September Sutton on Sea

Sutton on sea (4)  Sutton on sea (8)  Sutton on sea (2)  Sutton on sea (12)  Sutton on sea (17)  Sutton on sea (22)

We stayed at a caravan Club site near Sutton on Sea, but could park right on the beach at ……

Sutton on sea (29)

Sutton on sea (6)

26th August Greetham Retreat Lincolnshire

Greetham (43)  Greetham (61)  Greetham (41)  Greetham (3)  Greetham (25)  Greetham (17)

House hunting yet again, but this time playing a wild card and looking at what seems to be a lovely house in a really nice village in Lincolnshire, well East of Newark and most of the way to Skegness !

We’ve offered for it, and its been accepted, but its early days yet.

Greetham Retreat campsite was really good, and well placed for local towns of Horncastle and Woodhall Spa…….. really nice places to wander round. We’re already getting to know the area.

Greetham (29)

17th August back to Whitby

whitby 91) (1)

Stayed on the moors near Whitby……. Folly Hall Farm was a really basic site but great views and sunset. Checked out a house in Fylingthorpe but it was just too big a project and needed lots and lots of work doing to it.

whitby 91) (2)

12th August Whitby for more house hunting !

Lealholm  Lealholm pig 3

Stayed at a nice little campsite at Wild Slack farm,Lealholm, not far from Grosmont. It was part of a working farm, and when we were leaving Lindsey grabbed this shot of a magnificent pig.

Looked at a house at Egton……… really, really nice but not quite right !

House hunting near Leyburn 10th August

Leyburn 10  Leyburn  Leyburn 4  Leyburn 5  Leyburn 6  Leyburn 8

Stayed at Craken House campsite on the outskirts of Leyburn. We went to see houses at West Burton and Carlton. Will drove over from Kendal to see us on the 11th.

leyburn (17)

Lindsey drives the big rig at Grassington July 2015

15 july-linds driving at grassington

First time out in our new motorhome ! Lindsey looking the part driving along near Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales.

july 15-fred waits  july 15-linds will  at grassington 2  july 15-linds driving at grassington 2  july 15-linds will  at grassington 3  july 15-linds will  at grassington  july 15-linds will  at grassington 4

july 15- wills skunk head

Trent & Mersey Canal May 2015

15 may (4)

Canal boat November 2014

14 nov (3)

On the Monmouthshire Canal, November 2014, with Lindsey and Fred at the tiller.

DM flying again June 2014


Robin Hoods Bay May 2014


Robin Hoods Bay May 2014

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