Burning Bartle at West Witton

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The crowd have pre-outing drinks in the Fox and Hounds, procede via the main street to the Wensleydale Heifer, and then stop again with Bartle.

The ancient ritual of Burning Bartle just down the road in West Witton was an obvious place to be on a Saturday evening.

This annual event celebrates an ancient tradition. It starts at the western end of the village, and local people parade a dummy replicating this ancient figure down the main street, stopping at frequent intervals to chant an ancient doggerel and partake of a swift drink outside pre-arranged houses including the Wensleydale Heifer and theFox and Hounds.

When Bartle reaches ‘his end’ in Grassgill at the eastern outskirts of the village, he is set alight, accompanied by songs and cheers from the crowd of followers.

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