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Aysgarth Fete Bank Holiday Monday

Every August Bank holiday Monday we have the Aysgarth Village Fete. And for our very first time on the big day we had absolutely perfect weather ! This following on from the very mixed conditions we had seen in previous months.

Aysgarth Fete 2016 (16)        Aysgarth Fete 2016 (2)    Aysgarth Fete 2016 (4)


Aysgarth Fete 2016 (5)    Aysgarth Fete 2016 (6)    Aysgarth Fete 2016 (9)


Aysgarth Fete 2016 (12)    Aysgarth Fete 2016 (17)    Aysgarth Fete 2016 (24)

The Hawes Silver Band played outside the Institute (the fete was to raise money for its continuing upkeep) as volunteers served cream teas inside.

We also manned various stalls including cakes and books, as well as outdoor games, and a bouncy castle for the kids, all arranged on the village green.

Burning Bartle at West Witton

Burning Bartle 2016 Fox & Hounds (2)_   Burning Bartle 2016 (9)  Burning Bartle 2016 (19)

The crowd have pre-outing drinks in the Fox and Hounds, procede via the main street to the Wensleydale Heifer, and then stop again with Bartle.

The ancient ritual of Burning Bartle just down the road in West Witton was an obvious place to be on a Saturday evening.

This annual event celebrates an ancient tradition. It starts at the western end of the village, and local people parade a dummy replicating this ancient figure down the main street, stopping at frequent intervals to chant an ancient doggerel and partake of a swift drink outside pre-arranged houses including the Wensleydale Heifer and theFox and Hounds.

When Bartle reaches ‘his end’ in Grassgill at the eastern outskirts of the village, he is set alight, accompanied by songs and cheers from the crowd of followers.

Burning Bartle 2016 (23)    Burning Bartle 2016 (4)    Burning Bartle 2016 (27)

Bernards blackberries

bernards blackberries (1)

The biggest and best and easiest to pick crop of Blackberries we have ever seen ! just through the garden gate, down the field to the allotment and there they were……..huge, juicy ripe and ready for picking. Blackberry and apple pies tomorrow !

August Rainfall

Heavy and consistent rain heading towards Bank Holiday Monday (of course) has produced a swollen River Ure and the Falls can be heard half a mile away from our house.


West Burton Cauldron Falls (45)

The same rain has created some marvellous photo opportunities around our numerous waterfalls.

Torrential water flows compared to my first shoots have combined with familiarity in working with this kind of subject to produce some very pleasing results. My first example (above) is at West Burton, with Cauldron Falls living up to their name with a deafening power of water we have never seen there in all the years we have visited this lovely place.

Aysgarth Lower Falls (69)

Being just half a mile away, Aysgarth Falls are an almost daily Freddie walk from our house. But this view of the Lower Falls almost covering its usually accessible rocky edges is especially rewarding.

Aysgarth Upper Falls (29)

Normally the best view of The Falls is upstream, facing the oncoming flow, but a glance downstream reveals this dramatic alternative view of crashing water.

Aysgarth Upper Falls (23)

The Upper Falls also provide a great spectacle.


Greetham (26)

Out and about on a country lane…….

August, and Ed shows me how………

Aysgarth Lower Falls.


This is how Eddie shoots his landscapes. With a tripod, a neutral density filter, a long exposure and a great eye for light and water.
To share his vision of the landscape I’ve had to take up his disciplines and patience, and also get my feet wet ! This shot is mine, but I wouldn’t have been there without him showing me the way, in the first place with his gorgeous mountain landscapes on Instagram (shot with his iphone), and then with his first serious camera and featuring his well trodden routes in The Lake District around Ambleside.

ed (3)     ed (4)     ed (2)

I borrow his tripod having sold my last, hardly used one, some months ago !

Evening stroll…..


Lindsey and Fred photographed by Eddie……. using my Olympus for the first time ! Ed has been doing some marvellous landscapes recently with a canon compact, though only with a middle range zoom. Now he can see things with a different perspective using a telephoto lens on the Olympus.

More great landscapes to follow…….


July 31st Burtersett Show

IMG_0320   IMG_0324   IMG_0325

IMG_0326Sunday July 31st saw a break in the good weather, just in time for the first local village show while we have been here.

Still, it was good to see how people celebrate their local heritage, customs and community spirit in Wensleydale.

July at the Falls

linds fred aysgarth falls (7)  linds fred aysgarth falls (5)  linds fred aysgarth falls (3)

Aysgarth Falls is only half a mile away from our house, so Lindsey and Fred take every opportunity to cool down near the water.

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